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About Us
This is one of the most important Government agencies you’ve probably never heard of. But the work they do is so important, the very fate of the nation rests in their hands. They do a job that allows for no margin of error. Ever.


Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Internal Employee Video


I'm Bart Woodward. For over 30 years, I've written award-winning scripts for production houses, companies, government agencies and non-profits. It's the only type of writing I do and I'm really good at it.  
As a seasoned video scriptwriter, I will do two things for you: 


  • I will deliver an excellent script.

  • I will make you a hero.


It starts with listening to you. What are your needs? What is your desired outcome? Then, I combine creativity with experience to develop a strategic plan. That means knowing when to use humor, how to set up drama, where to inject narration, how to use dialogue, when to use soundbites or simply let the visuals speak for themselves.  


The result is a script that translates your vision onto paper, laying the foundation for your video to train, recruit, educate, engage and motivate your audience to action.


When working with clients, I've found nothing inspires them more than seeing a well-crafted script. For the first time, they can envision how their story will come alive. They can hardly wait to get their idea produced. It will be the same for you. When we start, my first questions to you will be: What kind of script will make you excited? How will we make you a hero to your stakeholders?


I started my career at a  large advertising agency in the Mid West, where I learned persuasive writing. Then I worked for a few production companies on the East Coast where I enjoyed crafting scripts that were longer than :30 seconds. Finally, I began writing video scripts on a freelance basis.  If you'd like the long version,  you can read my resume here, complete with mini R.O.I. case studies.


If you'd like a brief description of how I'll craft your script and what it will look like, click here.

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